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 One way to attract consumers to an explainer video is through controversy. Controversy quickly helps a video gain interest and momentum, and encourages viewers to share the message. It also translates into more potential consumers seeing your video.The use of humor in videos offers comic relief to the watcher. When a video makes a watcher laugh, they are more likely to share it. Get them smiling while you give them the truth.

What also gains attention is surprise or novelty. Surprise also allows the viewer to stop and think for a moment about the topic and see it from a different perspective.

When explainer videos feature a real person within a company, this prompts sharing within the company. In addition friends, colleagues and family of that person will be sharing the video. A well-produced and relevant explainer video is more likely to be shared beyond the people closely connected to the company.

Case studies are a good way to learn about effectiveness of video marketing strategies.For the marketer to succeed, he will need to have a well-thought out plan, consider each piece of the puzzle before starting a video marketing campaign.

If the explainer video has universal appeal, then do a viral launch to get as many eyeballs on it as possible. Why spend all of the money on a high quality video and not get it in front of as many viewers as possible?

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