Basic SEO Marketing- A series from Chuck Caine


When beginning anything whether it is a new website, a new company, or a new Cincinnati SEO SEO Marketingcampaign, make certain that you take a hard look at your branding concepts from the beginning. Your name, your logo, your color chart, and your fonts are just some of the elementary branding concepts that you should deal with.

Name– Could your name include a keyword for SEO marketing purposes? If you are a plumber, instead of Jones Plumber, why not “Cincinnati’s Best Plumbing” or “High Quality Plumbing” where at least one of your keywords is included in your URL. If you do SEO work, why not “Cincinnati SEO Consulting” so the key word is right in your name. It is harder these days but with the new domains that are being released, it is easier than a year ago. The URL is the first thing searched for by the robots on the search pages.

Logo– If it you have had the same logo forever, get a fresh face on it. Logos are inexpensive methods to bring your brand into modern times.

Color chart– There are several sites like that will enable you to establish the colors that you want to represent your company. This will help you a lot as you build your website, advertise with ads, etc. Get that settled so you don’t have to deal with it in the middle of designing a project.

Fonts– What type of fonts do you want to promote your message with? Are you artictic and flowery? Or are you bold and dynamic? The type of font that you present your message can say loads about the personality of your company so select it well. Google Fonts is a great place to start.

So don’t let some designer who is pressured by a deadline force you to make quick decisions on your brand identity. Take your time to identify who you are and how you want to present your message to the world to build your brand, your way!


Chuck Caine is CEO of Joint Effort Media Group which operates a Cincinnati SEO firm, a social media firm, an explainer video company, and a non-profit organization. Contact Joint Effort Marketing for a free strategy session.