Google PenguinThe competition between the search engines has intensified and in its quest to be the best, Google has introduced some major changes in the way it lists websites. The roll out of Google’s recent algorithms-Panda and Penguin saw a decline in rankings of several sites that were depending on unethical SEO practices to increase their online visibility.

Google Panda was first introduced in February 2011, and targeted sites that had huge amounts of “thin content” i.e. over optimized content with low or no utility. It was also known as ‘farmer’ as it went cracking down on content farms. Content farms are websites with an overdose of content, created with the only aim to direct traffic to the site and generate revenue through ads posted on web pages.

Maintaining vigilance over the content on the internet, Google launched Penguin in April 2012. The penguin has been updated twice while 25 updates of the Panda have been released so far. Penguin has been demoting sites with excessive anchor texts, link spamming and key word stuffing.

If you are worried that Google might flag your site, there are many things that you can do to prevent it. Keep a track on the recent updates by Google and stay away from black hat SEO tactics. Google keeps revising its algorithms and introducing stringent norms, therefore being aware helps a great deal. Also, a good SEO company can help. Don’t rely on just any Denver SEO company; anyone who guarantees quick results should not be trusted. Increasing a site’s ranking is no mean task and takes time. Only a good Denver SEO company like Joint Effort Marketing can help you climb the SEO rankings without resorting to unfair practices.

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