Explanatory Videos are Sticky!

The average website can get viewers that will pay attention for an average of around a minute or so before they decide whether or not they are interested in whatever it is that the website has to offer. If you want to catch their attention as quickly as possible, then you will want to invest […]

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Local SEO is Evolving

Local SEO has changed forever

Once upon a time doing Cincinnati SEO work for a client was simple. A few long tail phrases, a few links and they could soar to the top of the local market. Back in the last quarter of 2010 Google announced that their primary search algorithms (organic search) had been integrated […]

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What is important in optimizing a web site?


Your website is a mirror reflection of you.

Unfortunately for entrepreneurs, creating a website and having it found are usually two different things all together.

Here are a few things to note when optimizing a web site:

Title – SEO firms that try to achieve more website traffic for you know titles are a very important factor for […]

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Using Cincinnati SEO

Cincinnati SEO

When  positioning your business to grow in and outside of the local Cincinnati market, SEO can easily prove to be one of the best marketing techniques to help you do so. However, only if it is  implemented properly. The most impressive results would come from a Cincinnati SEO company like Joint Effort Marketing Cincinnati […]

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