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I recently had a startling revelation that I have been in the Cincinnati SEO business since 2001. I began selling websites at a time where I had to explain to most clients what a website was and how it was going to help them. I worked for a company that sold them for $600 a […]

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Marketers See Videos as Effective, But Too Hard to Make

There is an interesting gap between what marketers actually use and what they want to use. Both B2C and B2B feel that explainer videos are a very powerful tool to communicate a message, but they also feel that video is the most difficult medium to work with.

When you are helping a client develop an effective […]

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Watching Video Causes Consumers to be More Confident in Purchases


Consumers seek out videos to learn more about products before buying from brands. Confidence in the consumer grows both before and after making a purchase from watching a video. Today, consumers are seeking out information from YouTube, Facebook and retail sites where they are going to seek out facts before they buy. So why not think about making an […]

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Want to improve your ROI?

All businesses want to improve their return on investment (ROI). You want your dollars to be invested wisely so that the investment will cause your company to grow. One way to help your ROI is to make an explainer video. Explainer videos cause the viewer to pause a moment and watch. A great video will result in the […]

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Going Viral

Do you realize only a few videos actually go viral? Even though people think that many videos go viral, only a few actually do. Everyone wants a successful explainer video. But, success of a video seems to mean that it has to go “viral.” The goal of making an explainer video should be making the best possible explainer […]

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Improve the Use of Explainer Videos

Give basic steps can be taken to improve both the use of explainer videos for SEO and the SEO of videos. Let’s start with dispelling the misconception that explainer video SEO is different than any other kind of SEO. The best practice for either remains the same regardless of the type of content, although a few extra steps […]

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Attracting Consumer Attention through Videos

 One way to attract consumers to an explainer video is through controversy. Controversy quickly helps a video gain interest and momentum, and encourages viewers to share the message. It also translates into more potential consumers seeing your video.The use of humor in videos offers comic relief to the watcher. When a video makes a watcher laugh, they are more […]

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Live Explainer Videos

We” have a guy” that will do our video!
I love it when new clients call me concerning using web videos or explainer videos for the first time but you know what really makes me nervous? When they decide to try and do it themselves or “We have a guy” that can do it for cheaper.

I […]

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Get the promotion you need with a quality SEO company

Marketing is the key to alleviating many business problems today. And for many who rely on their web presence, search engine optimization is critical. To help get your business going, Cincinnati based businesses should seek out companies that provide a variety of online marketing techniques, including quality content, PPC advertising and targeted social SEO campaigns.

Explanatory […]

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Explanatory Videos are Sticky!

The average website can get viewers that will pay attention for an average of around a minute or so before they decide whether or not they are interested in whatever it is that the website has to offer. If you want to catch their attention as quickly as possible, then you will want to invest […]

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