word cloud - web developmentI recently had a startling revelation that I have been in the Cincinnati SEO business since 2001. I began selling websites at a time where I had to explain to most clients what a website was and how it was going to help them. I worked for a company that sold them for $600 a month so when I look back, I feel a little shame but that is just the way it was.

Today is a new world where if you don’t have a website, you are not even relevant in the marketing world. The website has become the new phonebook, the new place to get a map, to make a purchase of items you never had access to before, simply, it has changed our world. A strong website presentation and SEO strategy is no longer a casual suggestion but a significant part of any marketing strategy. You can’t just have a website made and ignore it any longer. You need current, relevant content on it all of the time. It needs to catch the viewer in about 3 seconds or they are gone, maybe forever. Only a strong Cincinnati SEO firm can keep up with all of that.

The website is the first thing that a lot of your potential clients see about your company so make sure that it reflects who you are, and not who you used to be. Don’t be passive when it comes to getting and keeping the rankings that it takes to compete on the web.

Anybody who works with Cincinnati SEO clients can tell you that we have come a long way but don’t go to sleep. Changes happen every day and if you don’t grow with the industry and stay current in your SEO practices, then you may be the company “that used to be on top”.


Chuck Caine is a Cincinnati SEO specialist

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