Pay Per Click Advertising

OnlineADPay per click advertising is the fastest, most trackable marketing that has ever been developed. Pay Per Click advertising or PPC is a great compliment to your search engine optimization program.

The adword form of advertisement is based on advertisers who want to be found for specific key words. They bid for the best position on the advertising side of the search page. The advertiser is only charged when the advertisement link is clicked.

Flat Fee Pay Per Click Management

Joint Effort Marketing charges a flat fee for our PPC management services, versus a percentage of your budget, unlike most of our competitors. This allows you to increase your spending without increasing your management fees.

Semantic Marketing

This is a form of advertising that focuses on distinct audiences who are reading certain topics. For Instance if you are focusing on women between the ages of 40-60, we would run a custom built ad that would appeal to that audience and slap it right on a relevant article in Martha Stewart Magazine, New York Times, Parenting Magazine, Biography, and many other sites in those demographics. It is a method that costs less than traditional Adword PPC and is very targeted for high conversion. You can budget to spend as much as you want and quit anytime.

This advertising platform is a partnership that Joint Effort Marketing has with Verticle Search Works, the largest semantic marketing network in the world. To better understand “Semantic Marketing”, please view the video below.


After a visitor comes to your site and shows interest in your product, wouldn’t you like to be on the forefront of their mind as they continue shopping? This is where “retargeting” comes in. Once a visitor lands on your site, a cookie is attached to them and an ad from your company pops up on relevant sites to remind them of you. This often builds credibility in that they suddenly start to see you when they have never seen you before. It is much less expensive than traditional PPC advertising and builds your brand recognition. It is highly recommended to add this on to you PPC campaign.

Any Sized Client

So whether your needs are for a Cincinnati PPC management strategy or you need a retargeting strategy for an international program, Joint Effort Marketing is your answer.



Our PPC management clients have a 95 percent retention rate (They stay with us!) so we are obviously doing something right. We average 5 percent to 30 percent increases in ROI in a very short time. Many PPC clients often don’t realize that their website has a “quality score” that impacts their bidding price. We help our clients improve their site so that they can receive the best pricing.

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