Email / Newsletter Campaigns

Unlessnewsboy team this is your team, you’re probably not getting the news out to enough people.


Why Email Marketing?

Nearly 100% percent of people with Internet access (most of the planet!) send and receive emails.

On average, people check email six times per day. People who own smartphones (more than 50% of US) check email all day every day, and night!

Nearly 100% of first-time visitors to a website leave without completing a conversion. Email marketing engages your leads and nurtures them along to the point of conversion.

Targets customers and prospects with perfectly tailored, easily updated content.

Sends timely information (limited time offer, important industry news, etc.) directly to your customers without delay.

Cost per lead tends to be less than other forms of advertising and marketing.


Several strategies will produce leads with a consistent, thorough email campaign. Here are some initial strategies:

  • Develop a growing email list. You may actually create several different email lists based on your goals.
  • You should email frequently. Regular consistent campaigns work the best.
  • Give your readers something that is consistently quality.
  • Do tests to see what works best.

For example:

  • Do your readers like short “teaser” emails, or longer emails with more information?
  • Do they respond to negative subject lines, or positive subject lines?
  • Does an html email or text email give you better CTR’s?

Joint Effort Marketing offers a complete email marketing campaign that you can either institute yourself or we can do the heavy lifting for you.

Email should be a part of a complete web traffic strategy.



Joint Effort Marketing can help you develop a regular newsletter schedule to keep your brand and your company in front of potential clients. We can write your newsletter or just help you send them. We also monitor the newsletter open rate.

Let Joint Effort Marketing help develop a newsletter strategy that will keep your customers and your prospects informed.


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