Using Explanatory Videos to Make it Simple

Explanatory videos are easy ways to explain to your website visitors about your product or service. For years businesses gave out brochures to explain products and services offered.  Now, explanatory videos on the internet can do the same job and more. With so many options available, we at Joint Effort Marketing can make an explanatory video that will inform the public precisely what your company does.

No two companies or individuals are alike. It therefore makes sense that no two advertising campaigns should be alike either. When choosing which company to outsource any video to, it is important to find a company that has the creative bent that you like and will be able to take the time to deliver explanatory videos that meet your precise specifications and audience needs. No one wants to deal with a video that looks rushed, or is exactly like ten others.

The right explanatory videos will be fun and entertaining for the viewer. Whether they will be posted to a video sharing site like YouTube, or displayed prominently on a your website, it is important that people do not get bored or confused while watching. We have found that 90 seconds to 2 minutes is plenty for one setting. Explanatory videos that are entertaining as well as informative will not only inform viewers, but they may entice the viewer to share it with others, making it all the more easier to spread the word.

We also do a “video with an Epiphany” that will give the client an “A ha” experience. These are favorites of our clients.

If a company is relatively small or just getting started, they may not have the budget that some of their older or larger competitors may have. We can work within your budget to produce the explanatory video that will give you a good return on your investment and produce more website traffic.

Whether one needs to welcome people to their website, explain what a product does or provide a tutorial, Joint Effort Marketing can be there to make sure that your message goes exactly to the people that need it.

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