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 Possibly in an attempt to outdo Google and other leading search engines, Facebook unveiled a new search version, Facebook graph engine this year. If web masters and experts are to be believed, searching through Google for restaurant recommendations or advice on the best travel options, books to read and places to visit would be a thing of the past. Calling it one of the three pillars of Facebook along with Newsfeed and Timeline, Zuckerberg had described Graph Search as a tool to get precise answers, which would basically be recommendations from your friends. Although Zuckerberg had denied that the Facebook search graph would do the job of a search engine, but the similarities are too big to be ignored. Google currently holds a sizeable 66% of search engine market share, but with Facebook announcing its new search version, the leading search engine might receive a set back. Although still in the beta phase, the new product is bound to change the way people search for online content.

How can it benefit your business?

The new search version is good news for online businesses as it will allow them to increase their online visibility and customer base without having to worry about the dreaded Panda and Penguin. The latest offering by Facebook is expected to revolutionize the world of SEO. Anyone who likes your company’s professional page or shares content would be indirectly indulging in brand promotion. It is a well known fact that people are more likely to trust their friends for recommendations than anonymous reviews. Therefore, getting in touch with a good Atlanta SEO company to know about the advantages of Facebook Graph search would be a wise decision.

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