Video Marketing

Need some help to make your explainer video? Here are four ideas to help jumpstart your creative juices.

1)    Start at the beginning: scripted ads

A scripted video ad is an adaptable piece of content that can be a real workhorse for your client. Use appealing music, with an attractive story as your client tells the story. Let the explainer video tell the story; don’t oversell or dwell on one point too long.

2)    Use a video profile

This is a story about your client, not just an ad. Answer some questions: why is the company around, whom do they serve, why do they keep doing what they are doing? These answers will help engage your viewers and they make the video profile stand out.

3)    Use a testimonial video, using real customers

Who do you go to when you want a recommendation? Personal recommendations carry a lot of weight. Look for a very satisfied customer and put them in front of a camera. Ask questions. When you see people having success with your client, this is a real motivator and a powerful endorsement for your client.

4)    Use video news release to tell current news

Use a video news release to jazz up a boring, dry press release. Capture the passion and excitement surrounding a piece of great news with a video. A 30 to 60 second video can capture why this news is exciting and important and help people capture the essential points of the story.

Videos are powerful and flexible, and are only limited by your creativity.