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    1) Company name and company contact

    2) NAP- Name (to use on website) Address /phone number/ skype, etc?

    3) domain name to use:
    EG – www.jointeffortmarketing.com

    Is this a previous domain or a new one? Where is this site hosted? EG: Godaddy,HostGator

    Need current user name and password for domain name registar

    Need current user name and password for hosting URL/ FTP login

    Do you have emails connected to your current website?

    Where is your e-mail hosted? (g-mail, go-daddy, yahoo, microsoft exchange, etc)

    Please list those addresses: (or produce list) 1,2,3,etc.

    4) Include badges EG: BBB, Facebook, Twitter, awards that you want posted?

    5) logo: Do you have a logo________If so send High resolution (Vector image)

    6) Company Slogan:
    EG- Fighting hunger, one meal at a time

    7) What is the main purpose of your site? (What your business is and does?)
    EG: Brochure site, To sell, to explain, branding, etc?

    7A) Describe the client that you want to impress the most_EG: Women 25-40

    8) Site map: Page total____ (list subpages as well) 1,2,3,etc.

    9) What colors would you like us to use in your website? See http://colorschemedesigner.com/

    10) Reference websites: What are a couple of websites that you could see your site like? Why?
    Examples below:
    - www.xxxxxx.com - Like how easy it is to find products, but we don’t want the rustic look or all of the small box areas on the home page.
    - www.xxxxxx.com - simple and easy to find products

    11) What are three or four main things that you want visitors to see on your home page? 1,2,3,etc.

    12) Is your current content and pages transferring as is?
    If transferring from website, please give details.
    If providing please include all materials, photos, links, content
    files / attachments, etc that we need to build the site and designate what goes on what page.
    Attach to a separate email and email to info@MarketingNon-Profits.com

    13) If you have no content, how will you provide content?
    a) Hire us to write New Content
    b) Hire us to rewrite your current content
    c) Provide us with your content

    14) Keyword Categories that you want us to explore; 1,2,3,etc.

    15) Other info from client:
    Tell us something that you want us know.
    Example below:
    Professional website to showcase our products. We sell high end expensive products so we need the site to have a high end / classy look to it. This will be a shopping cart website but they will not actually be selling online. We will just be showing the products and allowing the users the ability to inquire about products.