Tracking your Social Efforts

Measuring social media marketing isn’t as easy as SEO or PPC , but it can be done with the right tools . Our dashboard can track every time that you get a mention on the social networks

1. Building your brand. Building brand awareness is a main goal for your social media strategy. While there are no perfect and direct ways to measure increases in brand awareness, there are some signals you can observe that can give you some ideas of your brand awareness to go along with our dashboard:

  • Number of searches for brand keyword terms
  • Website traffic/site visits/page views
  • YouTube and other Video views
  • Number of followers, subscribers, and fans
  • Number of social mentions on dashboard
  • Track number of lead calls or finished forms

2. Tracking Sentiment- Many companies have no idea what kind of sentiment is being expressed on the web. Our dashboard tracks positive and negative replies and allows you to follow up on both.


3. Utilizing Influencers. An influencer is an individual who is trusted and held in high regard so when they share their opinions, thoughts, or ideas, people listen and are likely to adopt or agree with their message.

Measuring influencers tells you to what degree you are able to motivate people to action. To calculate influence, you want to look at how many influencers mentioned you and the reach of their audience. So for instance, let’s say an influencer who has 1/2 million followers’ tweets about your product or service. This level of exposure is likely to lead to more visibility and engagement.

4. Engagement. Engagement shows that people are interested in what you are offering and are interested enough to participate. This powerful metric can tie social media to audience action, which demonstrates its true value. Measuring engagement is important so you can see how much and how often users participate with your content. Some of the signs of engagement include:

  • “likes” on Facebook
  • Number of shares
  • Mentions (all types)
  • Sweepstakes registrations
  • Blog comments
  • Ratings
  • Retweets
  • Photo/video views

Measuring social media on your own is tough so we offer  a dashboard that will track the fruit of your labor because we know that what you can’t track, you can’t improve.


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