Keywords Part 2

Google keyword tools provide a significant list of terms suggested for the keywords themselves, however they may not always be functional or appropriate. Relevance and breaking the search down to only the most relevant words is now more imperative. This is actually where many websites make a common mistake. Too much attention is paid to the number of search volumes and not to whether the content has any relevance. A better approach is to pay no attention to the number of search volumes altogether, at first. Chose keywords that have more relevant, and then observe keyword volume numbers information to chose the best from that shortened list. “Cincinnati Search Engine Optimization” may be a well trafficked word but how will you fit it into articles and on line content? Use words that flow naturally with your content and purpose and these will bring you more website traffic.

Don’t forget, it’s best to pick and chose keywords that shall not simply achieve a traffic increase, but may also lead to an increase in the rate of conversion. A “long tail keyword” generally have a lower volume of search, but if you have a well positioned website for it, you will see more website traffic because of it. A “long tail keyword” provides a greater chance of conversion.
Use of what is known as “Keyword selection” is also a process that is ongoing. You cannot simply “set it and forget it”. Once keywords are selected, observe the analytics data monthly or from time to time to see if the keywords have been generating traffic into different pages of your website and if they’re results are conversions or not. A good keyword mix may take time to find.

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