video guyWe” have a guy” that will do our video!

I love it when new clients call me concerning using web videos or explainer videos for the first time but you know what really makes me nervous? When they decide to try and do it themselves or “We have a guy” that can do it for cheaper.

I have seen some great videos in my career but I assure you that I have seen a lot of bad ones that were good attempts but not so good results. If you are going to have video be your first impression, why would you have cousin Vinney do it to save a few bucks?

Live action video is a very inexpensive method of introducing your company to the world.

Give it a try: Start with the basics

The Ad video

The Ad video is a piece of video content that can be used in many ways on your website. Have us tell your story with an engaging visual story and music. These videos don’t elaborate, they just tell your story in a simple and engaging manner. This is who we are and this is what we do! No need for song and dance, let the video tell the story.  Click Here for an example of an Ad video:

The Profile video

The Profile video isn’t an ad, it is a story about what you and your business is all about. It certainly showcases your products and services but does more than that. It tells your company’s “Why do”. Why is the company in the business that they are in, what kind of customers do they serve, why do they come into work everyday? These are the elements that make profile videos reach out and engage viewers in your products and services.   Click Here for a sample profile video.

Testimonial Video

We all believe a testimony from a real person more than we believe a commercial or a sales person so why not let your clients do your talking for you. Ask some of your best customers and get them in front of the camera. Have them tell the world why you are so awesome? Why they do business with you? Seeing real customers who have been pleased with your work says tons about your business. Click Here for an example testimonial video is:

Video News Release- This is not your father’s press release

I have done many press releases in my day but nothing spices up dry, boring news like a Video News Release. We write it and record it like a news story so it captures the viewer right away and makes them stay to hear the conclusion. Who wants to hear half of a news story? A video as short as 30 to 60 seconds can communicate why your news is important and help the viewers capture the essential points of the story, your story.  Click here to see an example of how powerful a video news release can be:

Convinced yet?

These are just four ways that you can use video for your company’s marketing. Besides live video,  animated explainer videos can be very effective.

Video is so effective and flexible that it is only limited by our creativity and maybe your budget. The good news is that these four basic types of marketing videos are very reasonably priced. Give Joint Effort Marketing a call today at 513-474-1158 and we can find the right video fit for you today.