There is an interesting gap between what marketers actually use and what they want to use. Both B2C and B2B feel that explainer videos are a very powerful tool to communicate a message, but they also feel that video is the most difficult medium to work with.

When you are helping a client develop an effective marketing plan, it makes sense to use the most effective ways of delivering the messages. The problem becomes how to help agencies and service providers to bridge the gap and get more of them using explainer videos in communications.

The fact is that they already know video is effective. The issue is helping them work through the barriers to make an explainer video in the first place. Also one must address the perception that videos are hard to make and expensive.

The challenge for agencies is not finding new technologies to solve the dilemma, but also dealing with the perceptions of hassle, cost, time, and even the fear of being on camera.

These objections might not change overnight. Video production today is affordable, easy and hassle-free, but time is needed to to permeate and mature into both agency and clients’ mindsets.  .