New Google PPC rules, beware!

Figuring out Google

Google has recently made some changes to the PPC platform. Yet, its important for you to stay up to date so you can chose your campaigns wisely. Google recently has stated a new policy for its “new matching behavior for phrase and exact match keywords”. Starting around the middle of the month of May, 2012, exact and phrase match keywords shall “match close variants, including misspellings, singular/plural forms, stemming, accents and abbreviations.”

In addition, the ad rotation settings have also been changed according to Google. After 30 days, only your ad with the highest clicks shall be run by Google. An ad with the most clicks may not always be responsible for bringing the finest quality of traffic a website. Google may remove from rotation, the most profitable of your ads. Google stands to profit from the higher clicks, but not you.

If you happen to be running a campaign of Adwords, its important to always watch for these changes and make sure to control your campaign. In fact, professionals are better suited to PPC—THATS US! Our  PPC managers are Certified in Google Adwords and have made it their job and priority to watch any new changes or configure to the settings to make sure your budget money is well used and not wasted.The PPC management packages that we offer are programs with a flat flee and not made to be an expense but in investment for ROI.

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