There’s always something new on the horizon

According to Experian Marketing Services, 7 billion visitors landed on Facebook (non unique visitors) in March; Twitter, 182 million; and LinkedIn, 86 million. A new player, Pinterest, pushed LinkedIn from third place in March with 104 million visits. It would be unwise to ignore such numbers. Now,social media is necessary for businesses only because the customers and prospects spend much time there! Also, to provide huge numbers of visits, social media websites are going out of their way to make steps to provide businesses opportunities to meet their customer’s prospects.


Facebook brand pages transitioned to something new known as the timeline format. Also, Facebook is attempting to improve the feature of the self-service ad to make fixing up an ad campaign and more specified to creating specific objectives in marketing. In addition, Twitter has created “self service ads” to appeal to small businesses, however, release as of this writing is limited to only card members and merchants whom use the credit card American Express. LinkedIn also has created a program that allows brands embed something called “company follow button” from the homepages of social network; people following shall receive updates automatically from the specified brand in LinkedIn feeds.


It’s not so very simple to create and manage a campaign on a social media website. Opportunities for advertising and marketing equal more time strategizing, implementing, updating and communicating. If you have a social media page, someone needs to reply to messages and be good at community building. Joint Effort Marketing can manage of those minor details–contact us and we can help your social media campaign start moving and get you more website traffic. Reach us at 513-474-1158