Premium Full Creative Motion Explainer   Starts at $8100 per minute                 Contact us for a quote

  • $8100 per minute of completed video            catzilla

  • Creative Consultation and Premium Script writing – Our creative team will meet with your team and brainstorm a script. We will then submit three scripts for your choice.

  • Advanced graphics – We create all graphics from original using the most creative tools available. Includes character development and kinetic typography.   

  • Motion Graphics Animation – Animated by our in-house experts and our motion graphics team.

  • Special effects if needed.

  • Pro voiceover – We will have several different artist read the script for your choice of voice talent.explainer Videos

  • Sound effects – SFX to bring your video to life, non-royalty music.

  • Direct expert contact on a dashboard with our team – 3 proofs for each stage

  • Dedicated Producer – Your own personal support team

  • Multiple file types for end use

  • 8 to 12 weeks completion

Samples of our motion graphics

GPJ Marketing  High explanation of a difficult concept

Catzilla  Cartoon Style Premium Motion Graphic Explainer

Akron Canton Food Bank  Premium Motion Graphic Explainer

Cartoon Style Premium Motion Graphic Explainer

Smarsh  Premium Motion Graphic Explainer