Advertising, media, and marketingRetargeting or remarketing is a method of internet advertising which is not based on demographics, but on customers who have previously visited your website or mobile app. Retargeting is gaining popularity and attention with businesses.

This method of advertising is not just a shot in the dark, based on what a person likes or who there are, but on the person having visited your website and thus this increases conversions. This means more dollars for your business and more customers!

After someone has visited your company’s website, a basic ad that contains your company information follows the visitor to other sites. Whether they are on social sites or business site, they will see an ad from your company and thus remind a potential customer will keep your company in the forefront of their mind.

One third of the websurfing population finds retargeting ads helpful. This ad method is a reminder to go back to a website and finish a task, just like that reminder from the dentist to come for your six month check-up.

Retargeting helps drop your cost of conversion rate. So why not give retargeting a chance? And see what retargeting can do you for ROI; you might even see a great profit being made.