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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of positioning your website to rise to the top of the organic searches.
Cincinnati SEO

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Organic searches reflect about 64% of the landed searches on the search engines. We utilize social network and strategic linking to launch your website to the top.

SEO is Alive and Well

Cincinnati SEO has changed a lot in the last few years and many people that offer other alternatives would like to convince us that “SEO is dead.” That is far from the truth. SEO is not dead, it has just grown a few arms that look different. Content is still King!

In today’s social world, you can’t just run a strictly-link building campaign to get more traffic, but must include the diverse tools of the social platforms as well. Well-written articles, press releases, interviews, videos, infographics, as well as link building are all involved in the SEO process these days. Businesses need more than just being ranked on Google, but must undertake a total campaign that touches every aspect of the very “social” modern internet.

First Month

5-30 pages optimized. Do your pages mention what you want to be found for? Are you sending out your message the best you can? We will go page by page seeing if you page is ready to be seen analytically and visually.
0-30 keywords optimized. Are you wanting to be found on Google for, “Best roofers in Southwestern Cincinnati named Joe Bob” OR “Best Roofer in Cincinnati”? Hopefully the choice is easy, but does your website reflect what you want to do? Let us find out what we can do to get your mission and keywords focused
First step of getting found is letting the search engines know you are there. We make sure you have a good first impression and get mentioned anywhere that you need to be mentioned.


2-6 articles a month. It  used to be, whoever just mentioned the word that they want to be found for over and over again would be found for it. No longer the case. With Google Penguin and Google Panda, you now have to be crazy and actually have good content. Crazy, I know. This is where our strategy starts, writing unique, great articles each and very time.
Not only will we tell your story on other websites, but we will also have personal interviews so that you can add your own flavor to our process. We don’t want to be writing and researching without your touch, that’s why it is a Joint Effort.
It’s becoming more important than ever to have great content coming ON your site. You may not want to write that often. That’s ok! We, with your help, will talk with you and get a blog post written about what you like!
Local SEO Packages
National SEO Packages
SEO Cincinnati, Going SocialCincinnati Search Engine Optimization

In 2017, everybody  will be talking about how  content marketing is the heart and soul of  SEO–it’s about  earning high quality  mentions and backlinks and citations.

Joint Effort Marketing builds strategies that envelop social outreach and relevant content as part of the search engine optimization plan.

Social SEO is determining who your audience is and having the content that will get their attention. Because you are looking for real clients and not just clicks on a chart, diversification is important. You have to go where your audience goes. Be as diverse as your clients are and don’t put all of your marketing hopes in old worn out strategies that worked 5 years ago but not today.

Spend the right budget

One thing that has proven true is that if you underspend on your SEO Cincinnati strategy, or a national SEO package, it is almost impossible to get a return  on investment. If you want to compete with the “big boys” then you must come to the table with a reasonable budget to do so. Let us examine your strategy and your budget and give you a working proposal for web traffic marketing effectiveness.