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    1) Deadline

    2) What is your, service, product or cause?


    4 )

    5) Do you have a style or Branding Guide?

    6) Who is your target market?

    7) Is their any significance in the icons, shape, texture, or colors in your logo?
    i.e. "the icon is a metaphor for the socio economic ramifications of the neo cold war"

    8) Do you have an idea of how to animate your logo (if different than concept provided)?

    9) Do you want any text added?
    i.e. tagline, web address, title

    10) If your package includes music what genres are you most interested in?
    i.e. alternative, country, electronic, indie, jazz, pop, etc.

    11) Do you want a specific size or length other than then what is specified in the package?
    Resolution: 2k, HD, SD or Length: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, multiple

    12) Do you want something different then our lossless quicktime 1920x1080 progressive square pixel at 30 frames per second animation?
    i.e. "I want the animation at 24 frames per second"