Bid Adjustments from Google

Google has changed their PPC campaigns to allow you to bid higher for the business that is more important to you. You can target your Cincinnati PPC campaign for particular devices and for geo-targeted devices. Watch this video to see how we can adjust your PPC campaign .

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Finding the right local SEO experts

Businesses in Cincinnati, Ohio all compete for attention. But what’s the best way to get noticed and stand out from the noise? Having a strong online presence can change the future of your business. The best way to create buzz online is to hire a highly qualified Cincinnati SEO firm. Whether you are selling widgets, cleaning apartments […]

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Cincinnati SEO

Joint Effort Marketing has s new SEO office space in its home community, Cincinnati, Ohio.  If you want to run a top notch business, remember that search engine optimization is a critical element of marketing. Cincinnati area businesses gain the attention which transfers into more customers, and that brings cash to the bottom line through […]

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Getting More Hits

Many Cincinnati companies would love to increase their business by getting more website hits and more phone calls. Rather than paying for some expensive ad campaign on television or in the newspapers, a great option is to contact the most professional company for search engine optimization Cincinnati has. With a solid campaign for search engine optimization, Cincinnati business owners […]

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Using Cincinnati SEO

Cincinnati SEO

When  positioning your business to grow in and outside of the local Cincinnati market, SEO can easily prove to be one of the best marketing techniques to help you do so. However, only if it is  implemented properly. The most impressive results would come from a Cincinnati SEO company like Joint Effort Marketing Cincinnati […]

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SEO Firms in Cincinnati

Cincinnati SEO


Businesses in and around the city of Cincinnati all want to increase attention in order to bring profits to the bottom line. One of the best ways a company gets noticed is online with the help of a highly qualified Cincinnati Search Engine Optimization  firm. No matter what kind of company or firm, most […]

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Marketing in the Mobile World

The phone is the new computer
In 2011, 487.7 million smartphones had been shipped, a 62.7% increase over the previous year of 2010. This says that for the first time in history, smartphones shipments numbers topped that of PCs (only 414.6 million PCs shipped). Many people do not replace PCs very often, it is more common […]

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