The Rise and Fall of Cheap SEO Tactics

For years certain SEO methods were widely popular for being able to produce high rankings. But now, a lot of them are regarded unethical and come under the category of black hat SEO practices. Creating doorway pages, link spamming and keyword stuffing have faced flak for providing poor user experience and manipulating rules and regulations […]

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Portland SEO

When it comes to getting noticed, Portland businesses should be exposed to as many potential clients as possible. That need translates into a relatively high level of Internet visibility. With the help of a local firm for search engine optimization, Portland businesses can have the kind of exposure needed to grow their business. The best local company for search engine […]

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Marketing in Portland


 Joint Effort Marketing has a Portland SEO office. Search engine optimization has become an important part of marketing, and Portland businesses can generate the attention they need to get more customers and bring profits to the bottom line through a careful SEO plan.  Our Portland Search engine optimization firm provides a wide variety of techniques […]

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Choosing a Portland SEO

Hiring a Portland Search Engine Optimization firm is the first step for gaining organic exposure on search engines. That means soon, your business cash register will be ringing. Joint Effort Marketing is a Portland SEO firm that helps develop a full marketing strategy that includes Portland SEO, Portland PPC, Portland social media marketing, and a full service video […]

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What is important in optimizing a web site?


Your website is a mirror reflection of you.

Unfortunately for entrepreneurs, creating a website and having it found are usually two different things all together.

Here are a few things to note when optimizing a web site:

Title – SEO firms that try to achieve more website traffic for you know titles are a very important factor for […]

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Joint Effort Comes to Portland

Portland SEO


Joint Effort Marketing launches its first expansion from its Cincinnati headquarters it opens a Portland SEO office  at 5320 SW Macadam Ave in Portland on January 4, 2013.  They currently operate a video studio there and this will give them an opportunity to grow strategically on the west coast.

If you operate a business on […]

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Google Maps Re-Introduced On iPhone

The Google Maps app is once again on the iPhone.

In September, after a five year relationship, Apple ditched Google Maps in favor of its own mapping service–Apple Maps. Consumers denounced the less-than-spectacular functionality of Apple Maps compared to Google Maps.

In the final stretch of 2012, Apple has re-introduced Google Maps as an alternative to its […]

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Always watching for the Panda


A Panda may be cute, but its powerful.

On September 18, Google announced they would be rolling out another Panda refresh. Just two months later and many are feeling it’s icy breath. Panda is Google’s code name for a series of updates they started in 2011 that remove low quality content from Google’s search index. This […]

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