Web DesignFor years certain SEO methods were widely popular for being able to produce high rankings. But now, a lot of them are regarded unethical and come under the category of black hat SEO practices. Creating doorway pages, link spamming and keyword stuffing have faced flak for providing poor user experience and manipulating rules and regulations set by leading search engines. The new Google guidelines have shut down a lot of these practises and created a need for good SEO practises.

Some of the shady SEO practices that were the norm earlier include creating Doorway Pages. Doorway web pages are HTML pages that are visible to particular search engines and are created with the sole purpose to increase SEO rankings. When a user visits such a page he is redirected to a page that may hold little or no resemblance to what he was actually searching for.

Content stuffed with keywords was considered the easiest and cheapest way to increase rankings. However this can create trouble for you now. Finding such content is annoying and a real time waster. Over optimized content can get Google to scrap your site. Emphasis is now on quality content, which is why availing the services of a reputed SEO company, would be highly recommended.

Link spamming has come under the scanner for being the most malicious black hat SEO strategy. Although link spamming may help you direct traffic to your site, they can mar your online reputation and affect your business in a not so good way.

Owners of small businesses had been banking on cheap link building tactics to improve their site’s visibility but now resorting to such measures would mean putting an end to your website. With stricter norms in place, it would only be a matter of time when Google’s Penguin would pay your site a visit and kick it out.

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