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If you ask web masters and SEO experts how much does content matter today, they would probably answer- a lot. If the recent algorithms by Google (Penguin and Panda) are anything to go by, web pages lacking content would now have to face the axe. Content is what can propel your business in the right direction. Not so long ago, website owners could do away with the need for compelling content, and still find their website listed in the top search results, but Google has now turned the tables, favoring those with high positive content.

So content is important, but how much content would save you from getting scrapped by Google and other leading search engines is a question that matters. For Google the average is 943 and for Yahoo it is a bit more, 1305 words. When it comes to increasing your website’s visibility, content is the boss, there is no way you can improve the rankings without quality content. Joint Effort Marketing can help you get more website traffic by producing high quality content.

The roll out of Google Panda in April 2011 saw a drop in rankings of 12% search results and the unveiling of Google’s Penguin in 2012 further affected the rankings of websites which lacked in content and quality. If you want your website to be accessible to a large number of people, the best way to achieve that would be to saturate your web pages with positive content and a Dallas SEO company like Joint Effort Marketing can help you achieve this objective.

The new developments have reinforced the fact that for a website to have better rankings, compelling and relevant content should be the top priority. Many websites that were relying on unfair SEO practices to increase their rankings were kicked out and that too without any warning in the past year. Therefore, content marketing is going to be big this year.

In Dallas, SEO companies are in abundance, but only a reputed Dallas SEO company can help you scale the SEO rankings. Joint Effort Marketing in Dallas is an SEO company with a difference. At Joint Effort Marketing, we are constantly striving to push the envelope and provide the best in class SEO services to all our clients.

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