website marketing

Consumers seek out videos to learn more about products before buying from brands. Confidence in the consumer grows both before and after making a purchase from watching a video. Today, consumers are seeking out information from YouTube, Facebook and retail sites where they are going to seek out facts before they buy. So why not think about making an explainer video to go along with your product?

Here are some interesting facts about videos:

• Sixty percent of consumers watch product videos,

• 1 in 2 are less likely to return a product after viewing a video,

• 52 percent of consumers say that watching product video makes them more confident in their purchase decisions,

• 3 out of 5 consumers will spend at least two minutes watching product videos.

When it comes to marketing your products, an explainer video gives consumers more confidence in your product!

Then the question becomes where to post the videos. YouTube, Facebook and blogs are great places to post your explainer videos,  since this is where your audience is going. So make sure that your explainer video is compatible with these sites. You will not only reach the widest audience possible, but people will trust the information on these sites.

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