Today’s Mozcast is Hot and Stormy…

Google is constantly updating its search algorithms. SEOMoz recently launched a metric and website, appropriately dubbed Mozcast, to track the frequency and level of changes. This is one of many tools we use in our Cincinnati SEO.

Search engine marketing is all about optimizing your website so that Google gives their blessing to your content and puts it on the first page for your prospects. Mozcast is a great tool for determining whether ranking changes you see are systemic or, happening only to you. In these 5-day and 30-day Mozcast reports, changes are portrayed in terms of the weather. A hot and stormy day means that Google is changing rankings!

If we notice your ranking is falling…and the Mozcast is Cool with Clear Skies, we’ll know that your campaign changes are not due to Google making changes, but rather, we need to pay close attention to your specific campaign to get you back on top, where you ought to be. We want to get you more website traffic than your competitors!

All that to say that we are using the most up to date tools to track your web performance and jumping right to it when we need to make changes.

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