Online MarketingIt always amazes me how many clients and prospects wait until the last minute to plan their website’s marketing strategy. Businesses often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a product or develop the newest app, and when it gets close to launch, there is no budget for marketing and no strategy on how to sell the product.

That is why we have changed models on our consulting process with new customers.

At Joint Effort Media, we have identified that we don’t want to begin our relationship with a customer in a “sales” mode. Our strategies help a new client build a long-term plan for web marketing success and our consultants should not be forced to sell you  a product for you to reap a benefit from our time. Therefore, we have restructured our new client procedure to include a paid web marketing consultation on every potential project. When finished, the client will receive a written strategy that could be used whether 0ur products or  services are purchased  or  not.

These marketing consultation sessions will encourage clients to think about their audience, their  current branding, their website, and what other marketing tools they could use to better explain their purpose. All consultations come with an automatic refund if the services recommended are performed by us, but the suggestions can be used to solicit other proposals if so desired.

Our goal is to give the best quality advice to our clients and prospects.  We do not want clients or our consultants to feel part of the “closing the deal” game, so this procedure will allow our consultants to get paid for consulting and not selling. This is best for all parties involved.

Planning your marketing strategy should happen early in the game. Don’t wait until the last minute to reach out to one of our consultants.

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