Within the video marketing industry, a viral video is the ultimate reward. How does that happen? According to an article “The Science of Sharing,” by Unruly, videos that prompt an emotional response in viewers are what get shared. Music stood out, in particular, as one of the key factors that created an emotional response in viewers. An explainer video that has music that creates an emotional response has a better chance of being shared.

The main reasons explainer videos are shared include to make a statement about cultural climate and to share an emotional response with their peers. A video that has a strong positive emotion will usually prompt the viewer to share the video.

Comedy has a strong trigger, but is not always necessary in explainer videos. It can be tricky to create and is not always necessary. The most shared videos have combination of a number of triggers, appealing to more than one emotion. Sharing on social media has become important to web marketers because of consumers’ increased distrust of traditional marketing forms, as they rely more on peer recommendations. Develop a storehouse of explainer videos with content that elicits strong emotional responses to increase your chances of creating a viral video.

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