What Makes an Explainer Video Go Viral?

Within the video marketing industry, a viral video is the ultimate reward. How does that happen? According to an article “The Science of Sharing,” by Unruly, videos that prompt an emotional response in viewers are what get shared. Music stood out, in particular, as one of the key factors that created an emotional response in […]

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What SEO Consultants Know That You Should Too

Did you know that one in five Facebook users have purchased a product after they see it in an ad on the social media site, or when they read a friend’s comment about the product? This is just one example of the benefits afforded by hiring SEO marketing consultants. These professionals can set you up with online marketing […]

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Everyone Is Doing SEO Now. What Are You Doing that Is Unique?

The SEO market and industry has been around long enough that most people now know what Search Engine Optimization is. It is the internet marketing technique of tweaking your web presence so that it becomes more relevant to search algorithms, ranks higher on the search engine results, and therefore gets your site more website traffic.

If you do not […]

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Live Explainer Videos

We” have a guy” that will do our video!
I love it when new clients call me concerning using web videos or explainer videos for the first time but you know what really makes me nervous? When they decide to try and do it themselves or “We have a guy” that can do it for cheaper.

I […]

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Some of Those Reviews are Fake?! Seriously?

According to a 2012 report from Gartner Research, “between two and six percent of online reviews are fake or deceptive.” Jenny Sussin, a Gartner analyst and report co-author, found that, “In the hospitality industry, you are more likely to see bookings go up when you have better ratings. For restaurants, a half-star increase in the review average […]

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Keyword Encryption Will Impact You

Have you heard of keyword encryption? It means that Google now will not reveal the keywords that sent traffic to websites from search queries. By December 31, 2013, Google will encrypt all keyword search activity (with the exception of clicks) on Adwords PPC ads.

How is SEO traffic reported? A great portion of SEO reporting is based on […]

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Tips for social marketing success

So now that you have finally realized that you may need some online advertising, welcome aboard. The internet is a breeding ground for almost every business out there. Staying in touch with the most reliable and lucrative advertisement techniques is imperative to running a vital business. There are a few main online advertising techniques that show success for every business that […]

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Promoting your business

For business owners in Cincinnati and any other marketing area, Social SEO marketing services could be the perfect solution to their promotional woes. SEO is short for search engine optimization, which is a collection of techniques and processes that can be used to help any business draw more website traffic.

To help with this task, businesses […]

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How Can You Stand Out?

The Internet is a crowded place.  More than one trillion websites compete for attention, and that number grows every day.  The good news is that most companies do not need to compete against the universe of web pages.  Instead, their websites need to compete only with peers in the same industry.  The best way to […]

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Google as an In-depth Source

Billions of internet searches occur every day, yet people continually look for other sources for answers and information.  This fact may not be on your radar, but some people still consult the encyclopedia! After 244 years, in 2010, the Encyclopedia Britannica went out of print, but encyclopedias still live on in DVD format.

Encyclopedias and other […]

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