Using External and Internal Links in SEO

When you see an article or a blog and you a word or phrase that is highlighted such as:

Those present in a courtroom vary depending on the case, but some attendees are consistent, such as a few of the millions of attorneys and one of the 21,200 court reporters who were licensed at of 2012 in the U.S. The officials requested that ICE agents stay out of courthouses without a warrant.

The highlighted word or phrase has been “hyperlinked” to another article, website, or forum as a “link” to more information about the topic. When the link comes in from another source using you as the linkee, then it is known as an external link. This link acts as a “vote” of credibility for the site that is being linked to. The higher the domain trust of the site that is linking to a site, the better it is for the site that is being linked to. If you get a visit from one of these articles, then this is know as referred traffic.

The more links that a site gets is part of an analytic formula that helps a site climb in the organic searches. Even though Google has attempted to hide the organic searches below maps, advertising, and photos, organic searches are still by far the number one way that people search on the web.

If you are writing a blog and you decide to use “roofing’ in a sentence and you are in the roofing business, then you can link that term to one of the pages on your site, EG: “Residential Roofing”. That is known as an internal link. They don’t count near as much as external links but helps your readers navigate your site in a much easier fashion while collecting some “link juice”.

Links that are current and relavant to the site will help the website climb up the SERP pages. These are not the only thing that effects the climb but is very important to good rankings. If you want an effect SEO strategy then it should includes lots of link building.

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