Blogging with a real purpose

Blogging is one of those things that you can do because you heard that Google wants you to or you can use it to really extend your brand and set yourself up as a pro in your field. Blogging can be an attempt to give advice like I am doing in this blog post or it expand on a topic in your industry.Blogging

Blogs should be factual and not based on your opinion unless you are sure that research supports your opinion. There is such a phobia these days about “Fake news” that if you are off on one fact you get catorized into “content filler” and no one pays attention to you. If you state a fact, you can back it up with a link a page or article that supports your statement.

Not too Long

A blog is not an article but a short (300 to 500 words) defining of a problem, a solution, or maybe just a news short. If someone sees a blog and you go 2000 words, you most certainly will lose them unless your content promises them eternal life or something like that. Make your supporting statement in the first paragraph and use the next ones to quickly support your topic.


Use relavant links

As mentioned before use links to ther sites such as THIS ONE to support your points and confirm your facts. Links to other sites speak to the search engines that you are about the topic at hand and not just buttering your own bread. You simply highlight the word that you want to build a link from, then right click and add a hyperlink to that word. Make certain that you link to credible sites.

Use relavant Key Words

The main goal for SEO purposes is to make the blog post as well as the rest of your site easy to find on the web. This process is supported when you use the keywords that you want your site found under in the text of your content. Use them in the title, the headers, and the content as often as you can but don’t give the appearance of “keyword stuffing”. Synonyms of the word or alternative of the phrase are also a very  good choice and google can associate those very well. There is also a step-by-step process of nailing a strong fool-proof Anchor text which can help you with managing a good SEO for your website. The search engines are looking for natural language in the articles.