Joint Effort Comes to Portland

Portland SEO


Joint Effort Marketing launches its first expansion from its Cincinnati headquarters it opens a Portland SEO office  at 5320 SW Macadam Ave in Portland on January 4, 2013.  They currently operate a video studio there and this will give them an opportunity to grow strategically on the west coast.

If you operate a business on […]

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Always watching for the Panda


A Panda may be cute, but its powerful.

On September 18, Google announced they would be rolling out another Panda refresh. Just two months later and many are feeling it’s icy breath. Panda is Google’s code name for a series of updates they started in 2011 that remove low quality content from Google’s search index. This […]

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Finding a good SEO firm in your local market

Looking Local


When it comes to getting a professional Columbus SEO firm, that will get you geographically found, businesses may be able to find the right partners to work with if they know what they are looking for. SEO is a fairly straightforward marketing practice, with the letters themselves standing for search engine optimization, but getting […]

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Watching your rankings, constantly

Today’s Mozcast is Hot and Stormy…

Google is constantly updating its search algorithms. SEOMoz recently launched a metric and website, appropriately dubbed Mozcast, to track the frequency and level of changes. This is one of many tools we use in our Cincinnati SEO.

Search engine marketing is all about optimizing your website so that Google gives their […]

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