Marketing in the Mobile World

The phone is the new computer
In 2011, 487.7 million smartphones had been shipped, a 62.7% increase over the previous year of 2010. This says that for the first time in history, smartphones shipments numbers topped that of PCs (only 414.6 million PCs shipped). Many people do not replace PCs very often, it is more common […]

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Always watching for the Panda


A Panda may be cute, but its powerful.

On September 18, Google announced they would be rolling out another Panda refresh. Just two months later and many are feeling it’s icy breath. Panda is Google’s code name for a series of updates they started in 2011 that remove low quality content from Google’s search index. This […]

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Cincinnati SEO


Things sometimes come from unlikely places.

Home to nearly three hundred thousand people within its city limits and well over two million when the surrounding metro areas are included, Cincinnati is the third largest city in all of Ohio. Being home to a lot of people also means that it is home to a lot of […]

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Keywords for Success! Part 2

Keywords Part 2

Google keyword tools provide a significant list of terms suggested for the keywords themselves, however they may not always be functional or appropriate. Relevance and breaking the search down to only the most relevant words is now more imperative. This is actually where many websites make a common mistake. Too much attention is […]

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Keywords for success! Part 1

Keywords are Key!


Keywords are the first consideration to be undertaken for an inquiry on a website. It’s true, you may if you wish, simply search using words suspected to function well but more often than not this simply doesn’t yield desired results. Rather, keyword searches present at every point of any given website. It’s […]

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Keeping up with your social

Tracking your Social Efforts

Measuring social media marketing isn’t as easy as SEO or PPC , but it can be done with the right tools . Our dashboard can track every time that you get a mention on the social networks

1. Building your brand. Building brand awareness is a main goal for your social media strategy. […]

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Finding a good SEO firm in your local market

Looking Local


When it comes to getting a professional Columbus SEO firm, that will get you geographically found, businesses may be able to find the right partners to work with if they know what they are looking for. SEO is a fairly straightforward marketing practice, with the letters themselves standing for search engine optimization, but getting […]

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News on Digg

                                                        Digg Re-purposed

Digg has been re-purposed for the needs of users in 2012. A Digg score is given to a website based on users’ Diggs, or votes for the content. Digg is also incorporating the number of Facebook likes and Tweets into their process for scoring webpages. The pages with the highest Digg scores will […]

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Watching your rankings, constantly

Today’s Mozcast is Hot and Stormy…

Google is constantly updating its search algorithms. SEOMoz recently launched a metric and website, appropriately dubbed Mozcast, to track the frequency and level of changes. This is one of many tools we use in our Cincinnati SEO.

Search engine marketing is all about optimizing your website so that Google gives their […]

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More website traffic

Using all the tools!

Over the past few years, major search engines like Google have made drastic changes to their algorithms. These changes have greatly affected the level of success that certain internet marketers once experienced. Today, generating more website traffic is done in several different ways to make up for the competitive environment that major […]

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