Getting Hacked is a B#@%^

Get Malware Protection!

My website was hacked a couple of weeks and ago and I have had quite the lesson in hacking over the past couple of weeks. Nobody realizes how bad and how troublesome a hack is until it happens. I had 3500 web pages added to my website from some company in India that […]

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Basic SEO Marketing- Part 2 Cincinnati Web Design

Cincinnati Website Design

A lot of people look at Web design as a “build it and they will come” concept. This is not “Field of Dreams”! We have been a Cincinnati web design firm for many years and the most common mistake I see is that customers have “unprofessionals” build their websites. “I have a nephew […]

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SEO strategy that pays the rent

Search Engine Optimization has become a real roller coaster ride for a lot of customers. There is so much information, much of it wrong, that a real strategy is hard to design because of all the fluff that you hear.

Return on investment is hardly ever discussed in a SEO strategy. When a customer asks his […]

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The Mobile Countdown

The Mobile Countdown

From Google’s Webmaster Central Blog: “StartingApril 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.” In other words, make the necessary changes to your website or risk losing rankings.

Search […]

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Cincinnati Web Marketing

Ohio businesses, like any business, can benefit from a robust web strategy. Most companies know that website development is critical. Few know that search engine optimization Cincinnati, or SEO, is a cheap and effective way to get your website found. SEO, or your website page ranking on a search engine, can be massaged with the […]

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See the Value of Video

Check out this video to see the value of having video on your website.


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What Makes an Explainer Video Go Viral?

Within the video marketing industry, a viral video is the ultimate reward. How does that happen? According to an article “The Science of Sharing,” by Unruly, videos that prompt an emotional response in viewers are what get shared. Music stood out, in particular, as one of the key factors that created an emotional response in […]

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Live Explainer Videos

We” have a guy” that will do our video!
I love it when new clients call me concerning using web videos or explainer videos for the first time but you know what really makes me nervous? When they decide to try and do it themselves or “We have a guy” that can do it for cheaper.

I […]

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The Rise and Fall of Cheap SEO Tactics

For years certain SEO methods were widely popular for being able to produce high rankings. But now, a lot of them are regarded unethical and come under the category of black hat SEO practices. Creating doorway pages, link spamming and keyword stuffing have faced flak for providing poor user experience and manipulating rules and regulations […]

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Beware! The Panda and the Penguin are Keeping a Watchful Eye on Your Website

The competition between the search engines has intensified and in its quest to be the best, Google has introduced some major changes in the way it lists websites. The roll out of Google’s recent algorithms-Panda and Penguin saw a decline in rankings of several sites that were depending on unethical SEO practices to increase their […]

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