Facebook Graph Search Set to Revolutionize Internet Marketing

 Possibly in an attempt to outdo Google and other leading search engines, Facebook unveiled a new search version, Facebook graph engine this year. If web masters and experts are to be believed, searching through Google for restaurant recommendations or advice on the best travel options, books to read and places to visit would be a […]

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Using Cincinnati SEO

Cincinnati SEO

When  positioning your business to grow in and outside of the local Cincinnati market, SEO can easily prove to be one of the best marketing techniques to help you do so. However, only if it is  implemented properly. The most impressive results would come from a Cincinnati SEO company like Joint Effort Marketing Cincinnati […]

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Keyword Density

Make sure Google finds your keywords



Cincinnati SEO firms work for their clients in a way that helps them to optimize their visibility within search engines based on local searches. This way businesses and service providers can attract more business through their enhanced visibility that can potentially draw more people to their business website. This is […]

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Videos make visitors stay longer


Videos are Sticky!

Video marketing can be one of the best tools out there that website owners can utilize for more website traffic.  A slick, well produced explanatory video can be a terrific way to get people to stick around on a website that might otherwise not have enough upfront content to keep ones attention. We […]

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