Marketing your video

                                            How to viral market your video

Each month YouTube receives over 800 million unique visitors who watch more than 3 billion hours of video. Making a creative and compelling video is a powerful way to market your business. After completing your finished product, how do you go about ensuring that YouTube browsers find your video?

Joint […]

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Explain it to me!

Using Explanatory Videos to Make it Simple

Explanatory videos are easy ways to explain to your website visitors about your product or service. For years businesses gave out brochures to explain products and services offered.  Now, explanatory videos on the internet can do the same job and more. With so many options available, we at Joint […]

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More website traffic

Using all the tools!

Over the past few years, major search engines like Google have made drastic changes to their algorithms. These changes have greatly affected the level of success that certain internet marketers once experienced. Today, generating more website traffic is done in several different ways to make up for the competitive environment that major […]

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