Local SEO has changed forever

Once upon a time doing Cincinnati SEO work for a client was simple. A few long tail phrases, a few links and they could soar to the top of the local market. Back in the last quarter of 2010 Google announced that their primary search algorithms (organic search) had been integrated with the local search algorithms. For Newbie’s, these algorithms are a collection of formulas that are used as scanning and archiving devises, which determine what is relevant for the search and what is displayed on the search engine ranking page. (SERP). Remember creating a relevant search result for the searcher is of the utmost importance to Google.

With this shift local SEO campaigns could take advantage of techniques that used to only work for traditional SEO campaigns. They also exposed that about 20% of organic searches are local searches. So what does this mean for Cincinnati SEO? It means that your local Cincinnati SEO optimization efforts really matter and impact in a large way your local impressions and rankings.

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