Get Your Website in the Local Map Pack

Local Website Marketing

   Local Traffic Drive Package $179.00 per month

(includes hosting and backup)

No matter what local market you are in, there are some basics to local marketing that Joint Effort Marketing can deliver, even with a limited budget. Package offered includes:

Hosting Suitable for up to 10,000 monthly visitors

JEM Power Listings-Find Local Search Marketing Tool

We register you on over 50 local search engines and furnish tracking to know where your customers are coming from.

  • Keyword Analysis and SEO Staging

    With the right research, we can determine what words will bring you the most traffic and make the most conversions. Whether it is for local mapping tools, PPC strategies, or organic search, it is important to start with the right keywords for your local website marketing.

    After the keyword research we will set up meta descriptions, alternative tags, and content analysis for SEO staging

  • Google Analytics installed for 24 hour reporting


Monthly Website Package $300 per month


New 5 page website (URL, content & photos must be provided or purchased)


Local Map Placement

malware protection

back up

Google Analytics

content changes

Add Directory Submissions for $150 per month

Add Small PPC campaign for Site $300 per month

Call Joint Effort Marketing to get your local Website marketing strategy started today!