The phone is the new computer

In 2011, 487.7 million smartphones had been shipped, a 62.7% increase over the previous year of 2010. This says that for the first time in history, smartphones shipments numbers topped that of PCs (only 414.6 million PCs shipped). Many people do not replace PCs very often, it is more common to upgrade a smartphone. However it is simply not possible to deny that people are becoming more attached to their mobile devices.


Many statistics show that cell phones will be more accesses than PC’s as early as 2015. So the question is “how does your website look on a cell phone?” You can go to   and see how your site looks on a phone.
There are numerous methods to specify your personal marketing and advertising to your mobile devices. Google Adwords currently offers many mobile PPC advertising options, that includes click-to-call. Email marketing campaigns reach people whom posses smartphones and tablet devices whom constantly watch their email while they’re moving about.
Mobile phone marketing is very important and you need to make certain that the masses are going there are finding you. Any good SEO marketing strategy should have a good mobile strategy as well.
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