Search ESEO -  Wordcloud Concept.ngine Optimization has become a real roller coaster ride for a lot of customers. There is so much information, much of it wrong, that a real strategy is hard to design because of all the fluff that you hear.

Return on investment is hardly ever discussed in a SEO strategy. When a customer asks his salesperson what about return on investment, they often get the answer,”Trust me, it will come.”  What is this, Field of Dreams?

What is a customer actually buying when he hires an SEO firm to optimize his site?

The answer is very simple: customer acquisition! With search engine optimization, you receive qualified, relevant buyers heading to your website from the traffic that is looking for your product or service. Of the thousands or hundreds of people that are looking for you, how many can we get to your site and how many can we get to buy?

Traffic is only important if they buy, so understanding who your customer is, where to find them, and getting them to convert is the only purpose of SEO. Impressions and social games will not pay the bills! There are certainly social tools that can bring traffic but spending a lot of time conversing with non-buyers will not pay the rent.

Good, clean easy-to-navigate websites that have relevant and current content are still the contenders out there. Basic on-page optimization like fixing descriptions and establishing good meta-tags are still a challenge for 80% of the websites out there (based on opinion not statistics).

A good SEO firm will establish an SEO strategy that will lead to better education and better financial results, not just more traffic.

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Chuck Caine is CEO of Joint Effort Media, LLC. Joint Effort Marketing is a Cincinnati SEO firm that creates SEO strategies that bring return on investment. You can reach him at 513-474-1158